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The Unknown

The Unknown

Libertatia, the unknown

In the late 1600s, a disillusioned French sailor named Captain James Misson and a radical thinking Dominican priest named Caraccioli set sail from Rome on a Privateering ship, the Victoire.  In search of adventure, distant lands and an escape from authoritarian rule, they headed south to Africa. 

As they reached Madagascar, Captain Misson dropped anchor in a bay that would be their very own utopia; a place to call their own, where every man would be equal, food plentiful and scenery outstanding.

The men called their new land “Libertatia”.

However, one of the only references to this utopia is the 1724 book, A General History of Pyrates. The existence of Libertatia has been a source of fierce debate for decades, with many arguing the author’s identity and motivation for the book.

Whether a work of fact or fiction, it’s the timeless spirit of adventure and freedom that inspires and excites.

It’s this spirit that we’ve tried to encapsulate into our work at Libertatia.  We’ve drawn from our own experiences of road trips and travel in general, to bring you products that we believe work both from a practical sense, but also have the look, style and feel that add a level of excitement with every use.

Here’s to a life full of adventure,